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4 Common Questions About Garage Doors

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4 Common Questions About Garage Doors

Most Common Questions About Garage Doors | Garage Door Repair Escondido, CA

Many great changes have occurred during the last one hundred years and, basically, the 20th century is marked as the period change and economic development. Garages, which were a privilege of the few and rich, have expanded and many American homes now have big garages which serve not only as parking lots but also as ordinary house rooms. Electric garage door openers represent one of the biggest changes yet. Today there are millions of property owners in California seeking information about how to choose a door before they replace their current one.

  1. Which Doors Are the Least Expensive?

    The truth is that different materials come with different price tags. However, the final price will be determined not only by the material, but also by the size and thickness of the door as well as of the accessories of the mechanism.
    Metallic doors are usually the cheapest choice and are actually a great option because they can come in many different styles, colors and thicknesses. They don't require extensive garage door maintenance and they are very resistant to elements.
  2. Can I Repair my Door Myself?

    You can repair damages only as long as have some knowledge and training of how the mechanism works and the requirements of garage door parts. Really, we only recommend you make minor adjustments like tightening bolts and screws. Of course you can also clean the components and learn how to lubricate the mechanical parts.
    When doing so, you must always get the appropriate tools and protect your hands by wearing thick gloves. When it comes to larger repairs like fixing springs, always use a professional. These repairs can be very dangerous - you shouldn't risk causing injury to yourself.
  3. What are “Green” Doors?

    Some doors are made with recycled materials or painted with ecofriendly colors. The combination of recycled and insulated doors with the good condition of the bottom seal will ensure the maximum insulation efficiency at home that will also guarantee energy saving.
  4. How Secure are Garage Doors?

    Contemporary doors come with many accessories and added features like remote controlled access and safety sensors, all of which enhance safety from an access point of view. Added security can also be achieved by placing more lights around the garage and connecting the mechanism with the house's alarm system.

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