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What can I do to take care of my garage door?

Garage doors need to be inspected regularly which is why maintenance visits are considered to be so important. It's good to keep your eyes open and listen to any disturbing noises that seem out of the ordinary. It is also wise to lubricate your moving parts and clean your sensors on a regular basis.

Is it wise to get two torsion springs rather than one?

If your garage door is pretty heavy, it can definitely be a good idea to opt for two. Increasing the number of torsion springs to two will offer greater security but if you do this, it's wise to get springs of the same size and lifespan so that you can replace them together when the time comes.

How do I take care of tracks?

You need to check your tracks for dents regularly because damaged tracks can keep the door from closing properly, creating safety problems and causing potentially larger problems down the line. For the same reason, you should also ensure that the tracks are clean, well lubricated and that the rollers are in good condition too.

Why should my steel garage doors be galvanized?

Steel garage doors are very strong and appropriate for many locations and climates but the material will eventually erode over time, it won't last for ever. In order to prolong replacement, it is recommended to opt for galvanized still which won't corrode meaning you'll have fewer problems with rust.

When should I schedule garage door maintenance?

There are no specific instructions when it comes to scheduling maintenance, however we do recommend booking it on a quarterly basis. It can be useful to time this with the changing of the seasons to ensure your door can withstand any weather the next season presents.


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