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Follow our useful tips page, provided by our experts, to ensure you've got the best operating garage door on your street! Just scroll down to read more.You can always contact us directly with any further questions you have.

Take care when choosing garage door windows

You need to ensure that the windows fit your garage door and carries significant safety and security features. Aesthetics also matter, have you checked that the design you like matches with your home exterior? Our specialists also use waterproof caulk when installing windows so it is more durable.

Choose aluminum frames for your glass door

Some may find wood frames more elegant but they are also more fragile since they can warp, compromising the insulation of the garage and perhaps the security of the house. Our experts believe aluminum frames are much stronger and suitable for glass doors and windows. You can find them in different colors and they are highly resistant to elements since aluminum doesn't corrode.

Focus on garage door insulation

Garage door insulation should be top of your list when it comes to maintenance. The opener of your door essentially opens up the thermal barrier of your home. By having an insulated door in your garage, you'll limit the chances of reduced energy efficiency and spending unnecessarily on your energy bills.

Regularly inspect the door components

Door components such as hinges and screws should be regularly inspected along with the other bigger parts. These parts are generally smaller and failures may not be visible easily. When the holes of the screw are enlarged, tighten them by filling in before replacing with another screw. As our experts suggest, this task should be regularly and carefully performed to ensure the entire door system functions smoothly.


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